Master of the Red Button

King Dietrich Mercer of Empyrean Unification

This duty is reserved for one with a careful balance of trust and wisdom, and blood-thirsty vindictiveness. Given only to an individual who will know when to act, when the time is right, necessary, and with meaning, for once the powers of this station is used, it cannot be used again. An individual using the power of this station may only act once, ensuring their own destruction along with their lands and title. They must be willing to make this sacrifice in order to defend or avenge Dischordia. Only High King Balor can confer this appointment to an individual or strip it.

Granted Abilities:
Let’s Start A War - This station may declare war without being at court in front of the Voice or Whispers.
Red Button - When the Master of the Red Button activates it, it is an act of mutually assured destruction. Though the target they choose is destroyed utterly, their own lands and title are sacrificed in the process.