Master of Ravaging

High Queen Calamity Bambi Winter Rose of Archive

The Master of Ravaging is responsible for places of power within Dischordia. Freeholds, Caerns, Nodes, or Dragon Nests... regardless of what they’re called or how they manifest, confluences of magical energy fall within the Ravager’s jurisdiction and authority, as does their creation and destruction. Only High King Balor can confer this appointment to an individual or strip it.

Granted Abilities:
Creation & Destruction - The Master of Ravaging is conferred a treasure capable of destroying a place of power, converting it from one form to another, or establishing a new one at any location capable of housing one. By expending a Willpower and succeeding at a Willpower vs. 3 times the power rating of the magical site, The Orb can absorb it power rating within it. By spending a Willpower again, the orb automatically empties the power at a new site (or the same) adding the energy to what already exists there, or creating a new site at the power level of what was absorbed. At this time, the Master of Ravaging decides what kind of magical energy it will produce. This allows for the Master of Ravaging to create truly wondrous places of power, however, only one place of power can be within the orb at any time regardless of the power level.
Sense Ley Line - There are theories that places of power occur naturally where a convergence of lines of power exist. The Master of Ravaging can detect such ley lines and know where the nearest place of power will be. By spending a Willpower and succeeding in a Willpower test vs. double the Gauntlet Rating the Master of Ravaging can detect where a font of power is or can be placed.