Imperial Warden

Imperial Sanctum Magistrate, designated “The Warden”

Responsible for constructing and maintaining a facility capable of holding dangerous criminals and threats to Dischordia, and keeping them adequately contained. Only High King Balor can confer this appointment to an individual or strip it. Naturally, this position works closely with the Imperial Sanctum and the Praetor.

Granted Abilities:
Imperial Sanctum Mask - The wearer gains all benefits and drawbacks of such a mask: Arcane x 1, 2 additional Willpower Traits and +2 Bonus Traits to resist mind or emotional altering effects, and the ability to determine lies by defeating your target in a social challenge. However, while wearing the mask, the Warden gains the negative Social trait: Callous x 3, become incapable of lying, and their nature and demeanor become Judge / Fanatic.
Subdue Suspect - In the pursuit of their duty, the Imperial Warden may need to overcome powerful adversaries, and this ability is intended to aid with that. When activated, at the cost of a Willpower, the Warden gains Countermagic equal to their title to use against an effect for a round.