Imperial Smith

Great Grand Craftsman Knight Julius Artok III, esquire, Herald to High King Balor & Imperial Smith, D.D.S.

The duty of the Imperial Smith is, simply, to craft whatever the High King demands at the time. The Smith is also expected to push the boundaries of their crafts, finding new and innovative ways to meet whatever new demands are presented by the ever-changing world. This station works closely with the Hierophant. This duty can be taken by another though a Duel of Craftsmanship before the court or High King.

Granted Abilities:
Crystal Lens - This is the item conferred to the station. By placing this lens over one eye and concentrating upon an item, the viewer can discern the magical properties of it. By spending a Willpower the individual can make a Mental Challenge vs. the trait rating x3 of any magical item to determine its magical properties.
Imperial Craftsman - Gain a bonus to their Crafts ability equal to their rank in title.