Ravager of Roads

Vacant (Formerly the late Prince Sylar Veselov McCoy of Appalachia)

The Ravager of Roads is tasked with creating, destroying, and maintaining the Trods and Umbral Pathways that crisscross Dischordia, ensuring that they are kept in good repair to provide (relatively) safe passage to travelers. Only High King Balor can confer this appointment to an individual or strip it.

Granted Abilities:
Trod Master - With this ability, the Ravager of Roads can manipulate existing Trods and Umbral Pathways to expand them to accommodate an army, or thinning them to the point of invisibility. By spending a Willpower and succeeding in a Willpower Challenge vs. the Trod’s rating times 3, the path can be widened or narrowed at the Ravager of Roads desire. If narrowed, an additional mental challenge is required for anyone but the Trod Master to locate it.
Road Less Travelled - The Road Less Traveled is one that the Ravager of Roads forges from nothing. With this ability, the trod master can lay a new silver path connecting two locations with which he is familiar, with the expenditure of a Willpower and a successful Willpower Challenge vs. the Trod’s rating times 3. The trod remains for the span of one month, unless a Permanent Glamour is spent to invest the Trod with permanence.