Sir Dante of Imperial Bermuda

Duties - The Hierophant advises the Emperor in all matters of the occult, as well as keeping the Emperor informed about all magical events in the Empire. The Hierophant is in charge of the use of magic in Dischordia and is responsible for the prevention of prohibited magics such as Abyss Mysticism, Necromancy, Nephandic rites, and Dark Arts. The Hierophant has access to the Imperial Arcane Academy and its participants to use as his personal study and research facility.

Symbol of Office - Goggles of Seeing - Prime 1: Watch the Weaving using mental traits of the possessor (Arete 5), always active

Advantage - The Hierophant gains a Bonus on all Trait categories equal to their Title rank

Obligation (5 pt Flaw) - To protect Dischordia and its subjects from all magical threats and to know what those threats are.

Oath of the Long Road - “I swear that I shall [take upon myself the duty of The Hierophant of Dischordia], or lose my passion. That I shall (advise the High King in all matters of occult and magic) or lay down my staff. That I shall [root out the use of forbidden magics and magical threats to Dischordia] or dream no more. You and the Red Moon as my witnesses, so mote it be.” The oathtaker is required to sacrifice essence.

King’s Grace - High King Balor can choose not to affect the Hierophant, or appointed Acolytes, with his presence

Acolytes - The Hierophant can name up to two Acolytes which can act in his stead if they posses the Goggles of Seeing. Acolytes gather knowledge for the Hierophant to examine and alert him to new and unknown magical presences, items, or disturbances in Dischordia. It is their duty to ferret out the magical capabilities of the dignitaries, visiting and native. Once chosen an Acolyte cannot be replaced except upon their death or the death/removal of the Hierophant who chose them. They must also swear the Oath of the Long Road and gain the Obligation of their station, but the only benefit they receive is the King’s Grace.