Appalachia Cup

The Appalachia cup is a quarterly race featuring the finest courier class airships from the domains of Dischordia. Each airship must meet the speed, size and weight requirements set forth by the Appalachia Racing Authority. Each airship must accommodate a two-man crew, consisting of a pilot and navigator. The winning team will have their names added to the Appalachia Cup and that domain will be the cup holder for the quarter. The cup will be passed from the previous winning team (domain) to the next. Which may have other benefits...

Past Winners

  • Imperial Bermuda: The Flighty Bitch
  • Imperial Bermuda: The Flighty Bitch
  • Imperial Bermuda: The Flighty Bitch
  • Empyrean Dysambigua: Heavenly Thunder
  • 3-Way Tie: Flighty Bitch, Mithril Marauder, & High Voltage Vigilantes
  • Aranta-Shadur: The Flighty Bitch
  • Aranta-Shadur: The Flighty Bitch
  • Unification Proclamation: Nothing to See, Move Along
  • Samhain
  • Appalachia: High Voltage Vigilantes
  • Aranta-Shadur: The Bitter End
  • Appalachia: High Voltage Vigilantes

Building your Race Team

All domains of Dischordia are welcome (but not required) to participate!

Domains who wish to participate will need to create their race team with the points given. Each team needs a craft (put your domain's flavor into it), a pilot, and a navigator. The pilot and navigator will be NPCs, not player characters.

All teams have 30 points which they may spend on 9 traits. Each trait has a cap of 10 points.

Airship: Speed, Handling, and Armor
Pilot: Drive, Concentration, and Wits
Navigator: Navigation, Engineering, and Alertness

Feel free to name your craft, pilot and navigator. Pictures are also welcome, but are not required. The mode flavor and personal spin you put on your race team, the more fun!

Please submit your race team to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Race team submissions are due during downtimes (the weekend following game). No exceptions!

The Race! 

Once the Appalachian Racing Authority enters your domain's team into the race, the real fun begins... many teams have been known to boost and modify their ship after inspection to improve their chances. Other less-scrupulous teams have been known to sabotage others to hinder their rivals. While not strictly allowed by the Appalachian Racing Authority, it is an accepted (and expected) part of the Racing experience. Meanwhile, the Appalachia Racing Authority will modify the racetrack so no team is aware of which attributes will be most important in a given race. Each race will consist of four legs.

Mechanically: Players submit their ship stats and downtime actions to boost or sabotage a given domain's team. Creative use of powers or influences can help or hinder a team during the race. The storytellers will calculate a winner based off the stats of the submitted teams and the attributes of the track, and make tweaks to the results at each leg based on any downtime actions received. The storytellers will then announce the winning team on race day.