The world, as we know it, ended on December 21, 2012 and the prophesied Time of Judgement began. Whatever the name by which it is known, Apocalypse, AscensionEndless Winter, or Gehenna, the Thousand Years of Darkness began with the rising of the black sun, Anthelios, on that fateful day. Under the black sun, fear and madness gripped mankind, vegetation died, and chaos ensued. Governments and the global economy collapsed. The Shroud, the barrier between the realm of the living and the Shadowlands, the realm of the dead, fell. Many centuries-old conspiracies claimed credit for this upheaval.

The dead took the opportunity to launch an attack on the living with a worldwide invasion. This War of the Dead, starvation, desperation, and despair, all caused the human population to suffer and dwindle to nearly nothing. Supernatural creatures of all types emerged, many of whom had been pulling humanity’s strings from the shadows for millennia, and gathered together what population remained, building their kingdoms on the ashes of fallen civilization.

Among them, the Unseelie Fae King Balor of the Winter Court returned. He united the disparate strongholds, still standing amidst the rubble of the former North America, into the Kingdom of Dischordia. Together they resisted the wraith armies and fought the War of the Dead to a stalemate. Recognized as one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world, the nobles of Dischordia now hold court, vying for prestige and the last vestiges of humanity, and competing to shape and control the destiny of the world as it spins towards the next age.

Honor is a lie.

Etiquette is forever.


The Seventh Age is a Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP) set after the apocalyptic events of the Time of Judgement of the White Wolf/Onyx Path’s classic World of Darkness. We use the Mind’s Eye Theater rule set, but the setting is vastly different. After the world-shattering apocalypse, monsters openly rule a world of eternal night, under a black sun and a blood-red moon. No longer do supernaturals conceal their existence from the world behind the Mists, Veil, Masquerade, Rule of Shade, or any other form of secrecy. They have openly seized what remains of the world as their own kingdoms.

The former North America has been replaced by the Unseelie Fae Kingdom of Dischordia, ruled by High King Balor. In this story-based game, players take the role of supernatural nobility in the feudal courts of Dischordia, elevated to power by thousands of human and other peasants beneath them. Characters are given the opportunity to advance their own stories and reshape the devastated world to their own ends through political intrigue, diplomacy, duels, war, and influence over the world around them.

The Seventh Age is a court based game of high costuming and diplomatic intent. Each month, nobles from all over Dischordia meet to vie for power and influence within the court. Combat is rare, except in the case of courtly duels. Unlike many other World of Darkness LARPs, it does not focus on atagonist-of-the-week plots. We play bi-monthly, on first Saturdays in Indianapolis, IN. As this game operates in an entirely unique setting with a rich history and numerous House Rules, there may be a learning curve which may take some time for new players to grasp the depth of the game. We encourage new players to ask questions. You can contact the storytelling crew with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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