Year 1

12/21/2012 - Shroud Fall - Wonder enters the world as we humans realize we are not the only inhabitants of this plane. The War of the Dead began with an invasion... worldwide. The world saw endless calamity. Human population took a nose dive as our shadowed masters stepped into the light of the Black Sun. Supernaturals were out in the open fighting things you couldn't possibly imagine. From that day forward the sun rose black. Vegetation died, unless there was some being there to watch over it. In many ways some of the Vampires, Werewolves, and other denizens protected us from utter annihilation.  Humans were too weak to stop any of it. Our eyes had been closed for a long time. Governments turned in on each other. Everything collapsed.


Year 2

I don’t... I can’t say what happened.. it’s too... please ask another question


Year 3

Dreams disappeared. No one has new ideas. Innovation is gone.  Many humans took their own lives only to wind up back here and dead.  Stagnation ruled the world. 


Years 4 to 6

War, devastation, havok. The continents changed. Storms, floods and earthquakes altered the world we lived in. It was not safe to travel outside of your protectors home. Atlanta disappeared during this time. I had a cousin there. They all just vanished. Its a ghost town now. There is rumor they called upon aid from somewhere else... a different reality... and it answered their call. I hope they are safe wherever they are.


Year 7

Our dreams returned and with it... hosts. House Balor rode to the cause of defending what was left of this world. We owe what pathetic lives we have to them and those who rode with them. But the devastation from the raging war was great. Many who were not prepared before the fall began to rebuild during this time.


Years 8 to 9

The War of the Dead still raged. But the fire on both sides were dwindling. Many cities had fallen or were swept away by the apocalypse. Others stood as beacons of comfort, safety, or slavery.  Any of it was better than being dead. We realized the world was a nightmare ruled by creatures far beyond our meager capabilities. Our new Masters rebuilt and redoubled in the wreckage. House Balor helped turn the tide of war by taking Oaths from the Lords of the remaining Kingdoms. The last bastion aided was a jewel known as the Society of Deus. They held back the onslaught to the last days of the war.


Year 10 (Approximately 2022, we think)

The War of the Dead has ended. King Balor called his debts due and created the Kingdom of Dischordia upon the wreckage of North America. The alliances forged throughout the cities and smaller kingdoms under his banner come together for the first time.  

This first year of Balor's Reign proves to be difficult. A Plague of Nightmares spreads and affects much of Dischordia. The source is discovered to be an imprisoned Nervosa under control of Aitu, The Ruined Prince, a thallain Eshu residing in Greenland. The kingdom of Dischordia goes to war, and is victorious in scattering Aitu's generals. Their own losses, however, are great - Bartholomew Roberts, Lord of the Devil's Triangle, is captured by Mu, the Drowned Mage. 


Foundation Era (Year 10-11)

Nightmare Plague - Spreading from the Wolves of the North, the nightmare plague tainted the lands. The gentry and nobles affected alike, they would turn into tentacled horrors and race towards the waters of the icy north. Until the New Faith devised a ritual to stave off the plague using Appalachian gems to capture the nightmares, it threatened to devastate the populations of Dischordia. Even then, it was little better than a bandaid, but it did prevent our world from becoming horrors from the darkest of dreams.

Shards of the Gods - The Shards of Luna and Helios were discovered; Helios, of gold and sunlight, and Luna of silver and the moon. We found out there were many of these shards scattered across the globe. Once seeing that combining them only made each shard more powerful, it was immediately decreed to never allow the shards to come together and would be high treason punishable by death to do so. It was also decreed that any who find these shards must report to the Imperials of their possession and location.

Samhain Destroyed - Three months before the celebration of Sahmain during the first Court of the New Faith, Joseph Mengsk of Dystopia, without the consent of his superiors, declared war on Samhain the domain. He Threatened to destroy them if they did not surrender immediately. Samhain called his bluff at court and Mengsk pressed the button. The Nuwisha from Bermuda, Doc, attempted to stop the onslaught of missile that barraged the landscape of Samhain, but there was too many. Mengsk had been planning this for months. With the domain destroyed, the present nobles of Samhain, Sesamothe, Lumivodoma, and Maeve, were no longer nobles and escorted out of the court. The court then turned upon Mengsk. Immediately Jack II, a fellow Dystopian, challenged Mengs to a dual to the death. Mengsk accepted and died. Unbeknownst to most, Mengsk had prepared for this inevitability and had a copy of himself ready to reboot upon his death. However, the Dystopian lords seized his assets and suspended Mengsk forcing him to fail the reboot program and locking it in stasis. He was never seen again.

Xibalba - The New Faith learned of an attacking force from the southern kingdom of Xibalba heading through their territory to reach Valley of the King. At this time, Valley was an unaligned kingdom in Dischordia. Pascal told them they were coming for him but would destroy anything in their path to get to him, including them. He pledge alliance if they would aid him in shutting down their armies before reaching the New Faith. After talks back and forth for months, the New Faith agreed once they saw what was coming for them and an alliance was gained.

War It Is - During the court of Vancouver in December of the first year, an unexpected guest arrived. Nul of the Kingdom of Aethir came to the court of Dischordia to ask for the return of the items Vancouver had been taking from his coffers for years and to regain what the Domain of the Dead had stolen from them. Throughout the night, Nul, Sigfreid, and Prince Ailil discussed the topic. It became so heated that Nul threatened war should Dischordia not comply. With the last breath of Court the Domain of the Dead presented the item before Nul, only to take it away from him to slight the darkness. Prince Ailil laughed, but Sigfreid knew better than to be amused by this trick. Nul spoke to the court, “War it is.” and left in a shadow. The court was silent and stayed silent preparing for the shadows to attack. But war never came, at least not from the darkness.

Nightmare and Xibialba Wars - Shortly after Vancouver Court, Alice MacGregor had a vision that nightmares from the north would ravage the lands of Dischordia. The Crimson Weaver and his nightmares would storm the lands turning the world to ruin. Dischordia, prepared for war with the darkness, shifted gears. But it was also known that Xibalba would be attacking the New Faith simultaneously. Many Dischordians wondered if the two armies were in league. Could the Kingdom survive a two front-war? As the day approached various nobles were given tasks that they did not read until the moments before the battle. Dischordian’s scrambled to achieve their goals to reach victory in Greenland. In the New Faith the armies of Xibalba lingered on the border awaiting action. But a green bolt fell from the sky incensing the Xibalban armies to assault. Dischordia battled both wars defiantly. The New Faith held back their attackers, but in the battle, James Einsbrook fell. He was decorated as a hero for his efforts. The Nightmare War was was won, but at the cost of Black Bart and countless lives. The Crimson Weaver was not defeated completely, but his plot was foiled and he was forced to return to the nightmares lands and out of this reality. In the end Nul, the King of Aethir, was right. War did come and the land was forever changed. After the wars ended many kingdoms merged to forge new empires under Dischordian banners.

Maelstroms - Soon after the wars had ended as maelstrom wrecked havoc across the lands. They lasted for nearly 250 years destroying much of the wastelands and making it impossible to travel outside of the individual kingdoms. Many focused inward on the growth of their own domains and waited for the storms to pass.


Years 11-260

Maelstroms and Avatar Storms sweep across the lands raining down ash and acid rain. The storms litter the wastelands and made travel between the domains nigh impossible. The Maelstroms are found to have a wild magic effect causing even the most powerful of casters trouble in safely routing to avoiding them. Over the oceans the storms grow to impossible sizes cutting off Bermuda, Casablanca, and Constantinople entirely from Dischordia. Any off the weak listless wanderers and survivors in the wastelands were destroyed by the storms. For 250 years they raged. There was a brief lull 200 years into the roil, but it reemerged with a vengeance forcing all domains to close their borders. After another 50 years had passed, High King Balor called for the Court of Surveyors to gather. The domains sent their knights and squires to this court to ferret out any surviving pockets of life in the wastelands and claim them for the glory of their kingdom. Those who did best would win a prize at the end of the era, a shiny new city given to them by the Imperials.


Surveyor's Court (Year 261)

The maelstroms receded, but were still a danger while surveying the wastes. As Dischordia expanded through a court of its knights and squires, its Baron’s and Dukes watched to see what alliances would unfold. Not only had the Maelstroms changed the landscape, it had also changed the way Dischordians interacted. With the Imperial Court only meeting once a year now the domains grew and claimed what little survived. Shards of Luna and Helios are found littered across the lands, some even in possession of former comrades, now rogues. In the discovery of the Shards and their capabilities High King Balor outlaws the Shards of Helios being assembled as treason punishable by death. The events of this court left none unscathed.

Appalachian Alliance - Over the year of Surveyor’s Court Appalachia lost favor as they conquered the least amount of territory and instead decided to focus further inward. They did not change with the times and for this their court was left lacking. Yet through the efforts from their predecessors, they were not much worse for wear until Empyrean Dysambigua dropped the bottom out from under them and the economic choke-hold they established on Dischordia was crushed with a few hushed words into the Imperial’s political ears.

Aranta-Shadur - Through the Nuwisha Bahari and his lord Khaalid the Jade Empire intertwined with Dischordia. It became known that the East had a sun and moon in the sky, yet their supernaturals were blended with their society instead of fully ruling it. It seemed as though the multiverse colliding into the Tellurian did little harm there. Aranta also discovered the traitorous actions of Jonathan Morningkill of Ordo Trismegistus. They urged the Wolves to leave many times for through a whisper into the proper Imperial ears they knew his death would becoming and retribution to Ordo would follow for Morningkill was not the only traitor among his domain. Dystopia attempted to take Aranta over from the inside through contracts and hollow promises, but this ultimately failed as the republic discovered their plot and turned it against them. In the end it was Dystopia that fell under the weight of their own hubris.

Empyrean Dysambigua - Valley of the King and along with it the Sept of the Black Sun joined with the Empyrean Dysambigua. Through their successes they garnered the political favor of the Imperials and ruined the economic system Appalachia had established, yet without destroying the value of Dischordia’s resources given to them by High King Balor years before. They gained the most territory as well as political clout throughout this era and are now by far the largest, most influential domain. After two eras of success, the Imperials have rewarded them with a new Imperial Territory, the Court of Empires.

Ordo Trismegistus - Though the Ordo had many triumphs in this era, it was ultimately stained by the treachery of one of their knights sworn to Duke Gabriel DeAngelo. His knight Jonathan Morningkill, and his knights pack sought to create a fera nation and swore an Oath to a non-Dischordian to put the Shards of Helios back together and return the sun to the sky. An assassination attempt was made on his life by the Imperials. After this he went into hiding and great scrutiny was placed upon Deus to root out all traitors there, including Duke DeAngelo. So close did they get to their prize and so far they fell in failing to attain it.

Samhain - Though conquering some, Samhain sought after the darker secrets of the wastelands. Finding a gallery of ghost and demons in Haiti, they summoned the spiritual might there to fortify themselves. During a visit to an open court of their enemy, Valley of the King, Squire Pula Hev’Aber, Oracle of Balor, forced their enemy to fold single-handed. Her cunning also killed two members of Empyrean Dysambigua in her ploy. The Laughing Lord was pleased, but Domain of the Dead, now a part of Samhain, remained too much a target for Nul and the Kingdom of Aethir. As such, the Kingdom of the Dancing Dead fell to silence of nothing.

Unification Proclamation - Throughout the era they were wrought with internal struggles, as the departure of Hal Morgan left a power vacuum in the domain lord's seat. Rife with infighting, backstabbing and spies from Lazarus’ Empire in Europe. Dorian Osbourne and his lord, Dietrich Mercer, emerged on top in the end. They joined with Empyrean Dysambigua as mutual allies against the infernal to eliminate it from the heart of their domain. Together they rid the two kingdoms of demonic influence and forged a new path. The Sanctum, once a fearsome dispassionate police force become the Imperial Magistrates and through the guile of their most dedicated member, Dorian Osbourne.

Valley of the King - Valley did not seize as much territory as needed and with a lack of representation at court, as well as a foolish act from their noble Marco in bringing their enemy, Pula, to their court, they fell. But where Marco failed he also succeeded in abusing Appalachia’s economic system by gaining 600,000 souls for his own use showing Dischordia the imbalance of their ways. In this he guaranteed Empyrean Dysambigua had the most powerful army in Dischordia and that he gained the watchful eye of the Imperials. So watchful that the slaver, Sir Helchon the Frozen of House Balor, was put to death for his greed.


Aether Strikes (Year 262)

Winter is Blind - November 18th, 3am - The silence of the night is broken as alarms go off all across, through and under the mountains of Appalachia. The domain finds itself without warning fulling engaged in a war. The attackers came from within the domain, abyssal creatures pour from the darkest corners, and yet worse from within the inhabitant's own shadows. The war is short lived, no more than an hour. When the fighting comes to an end and everyone takes a moment to recover and think is when it becomes very clear that this was not an attack, it was a distraction. News circulates that an attempt was made on King Devil Anse Hatfield’s life. No one saw the fight nor truly knows what happened, all that is known is who ever did this was able to fight Devil Anse Hatfield on his own land in his version of endless winter. The king of Appalachia is alive, however; he has been struck blind with a single blow to the face damaging both his eyes. He has also had all of his teeth ripped out. It is also clear that there was a fight and that whoever or whatever it was left no trace of themselves.

Road to Nowhere - November 18th, 3am - A small group of Abyssal entities make their way into Underfoot, assaulting the inhabitants of the city. The battle last for all of a few moments. When the threat passes, in the freehold of the Master of Trods, the windows used to watch are gone and the silver cords leading out of Dischordia cut. A treasure, placed in Vancouver to push back the darkness, has been removed to re-open the scar that once engulfed their land.

A Contract Broken - November 18th - Anonymous, the King of Dystopia, is mysteriously killed inside his own office. With the loss of the domain lord, Dystopia consumes itself. Survivors note the presence of Nul just before the riots started.

And So It Begins - November 18th - Stars in the night sky over Empyrean Dysambigua begin to disappear into darkness and soon a blanket of darkness covers the domain of Vancouver once again. As the skies darkened, the domain prepared for the battle they knew would come. The armies of Vancouver expected to meet the forces head-on, but there was nothing to be found. Instead, they discover a fortification of dark and twisted stone, empty save for one being. The Collector greeted them with a smile and a welcome... and the soldiers of Vancouver knew the battle had already been lost.

Curse of Darkness - November 20th - When war came to the streets of Samhain, no one recognized it as war until half an hour had passed. Lucian Montague, the Laughing Lord, recognizes the attack as a distraction, and makes his way to the maze of catacombs below his city. There, the shadows of Aether surround him and he becomes lost in the labyrinth to Oblivion. With the loss of the Laughing Lord, Samhain falls. It is only through the forewarning of the Oracle of Balor that any refugees leave Samhain alive.

Thief of Days - November 21-22 - The usual Aranta-Shadur patrols are interrupted by several skirmishes and it soon becomes apparent that the attackers originated in Dystopia. After the initial skirmish, Aranta is beseiged by a swarm of Dystopians that seem to have gone mad. They kill and loot everything in their path. The outer cities are lost before anyone truly understands what is happening. The battle is one of insanity and madness as the number of mindless clones on the horizon reaches farther than a human eye can see. Wave after wave of mindless clones press into the Arantan cities, but the tables start to turn as the council members and their personal armies take to the streets. At the end of the day the council survives and Aranta yet stands. Even after the war is won and safety returns, the feeling of being watched permeates the domain. The cold chill of oblivion is not far and there is the sense that something is terribly wrong. A report comes in of bodies falling into the ground, vanishing. As each lord reads over their report the council chambers it becomes silent and cold. All light fades and becomes dim and a shadowy figure appears before them.

Kings and Pawns - November 22nd - Nightfall in the Society of Deus is accompanied by a full assault by abyssal creatures as a scar is cut between worlds. Some of the mightiest heroes in Deus fall that night, and even the Amo A Deus armies and the many methuselahs were unprepared to face such a surprise assault. Finally, the Lich Lord, Damien Vryce, King of Ordo Trismegistus, shows his face and makes his way to the upper city to take on Nul personally. As Vryce unleashes all his cunning and might on Nul, his body mends itself or reforms in a different shadow each time. With a small grin, Nul rips Vryce's shadow from him - and with it, his Avatar. Vryce returns to seclusion beneath the city to discover a way to recover his avatar a second time, leaving Meneleas to rule the domain in his stead.

Aftermath - Nov. 28th - Dec. 5th - The night sky goes completely black. No stars can be seen. The temperature drops to 0 degrees across the land and snow begins to fall, most of the major maelstroms have vanished only leaving small ones behind. Close to the land there is very little to no wind, however among the clouds the wind never comes to a stand still and is always raging. The snow blankets the ground, oddly it is pure snow. Over the next few day the temperature keeps plummeting until it hits -40 degrees. This is an unsettling feeling to all. The Kingdom of Aethir has not only forever scared the world we live in, but the echoes can also be felt in all the realms that have crashed here as well.

20 Years of Night (Years 262-282)
Towards the end of the Surveyor’s court, Calamity, Duchess of Archive and Doc, Duke of Casablanca, ambushed and killed the Praenomen, destroying the mask that held his power and his soul. Calamity then gifted the shattered mask to Radu Bistri to end the hostility between Empyrean Dysambigua and Appalachia. However, the death of the Praenomen severed the Archive’s oaths to Devil Anse. Learning that their allies in Aranta-Shadur had aided in Archive’s rebellion proved to be the breaking point of an alliance that had been strained throughout the Surveyor’s Court. Appalachia took the Nosferatu Ickus and Lennox hostage and declared the alliance terminated. The hostilities between Appalachia and Empyean Dysambigua did not abate as Appalachia considered them directly responsible for Calamity’s betrayal.

Aranta-Shadur watched Empyrean absorb the former Unification Proclamation, and believed the same thing was about to happen with Archive. Unwilling to allow it, the council voted to go to war and sieged the nearest Empyrean domain: the former Unification Proclamation. Hal Morgan launched a campaign against his former domain until Prince Mercer was able to convince the council to negotiate with his Emperor, Regent Radu Bistri. At the negotiating table Empyrean withdrew claim to Archive, allowing it to join Bermuda as a principality of Aranta-Shadur. This gesture of goodwill, combined with their common enemy of Appalachia, led the two domains into a strong alliance.

Aranta-Shadur and Ordo Trismegistus had long been at odds during the Surveyor’s court, which culminated in the council taking out an assassination contract on Jonathan Morningkill. When Wolves of the North broke away, Aranta-Shadur supported them in every way they could, while Empyrean supported Ordo. Unexpectedly, Sept of the Black Sun joined the Wolves’ shifters in an assault on Society of Deus to make an example of Morningkill’s attempt to form a new shifter nation under the Silver Fangs. Though the battle ended in stalemate, Wolves and the Sept had rekindled a strong alliance. When Empyrean Dysambigua attempted to subjugate the Wolves pantheon into their own, the Sept rebelled and joined the Wolves in their defense, only strengthening Empyrean’s alliance with Ordo to quash the rebellions.

Twenty years pass as the War of Aethir raged. In the end, Dischordia still stands but is much worse for wear. The Domain of the Dead along with Samhain were consumed by darkness. This was Nul’s first action, to seek revenge upon the Ashen Lady and those who support her. The Beggar Lord of Samhain became lost in the labyrinth and without his power, the domain of Samhain fell. Many brave souls fought against the darkness there, but the Curse of Samhain was truly their undoing. Those who survived fled and are now refugees in other kingdoms. Empyrean Dysambigua, the strongest of all the Dischordian Kingdoms, lost small portions of territory from the former Unification Proclamation during the struggle. But Bistri, Pascal, Uzumati, Dietrich, and Sigfreid fought for the survival of their people. Vancouver, used to fighting against their enemy, stood victorious in the wake of battle. Appalachia still stands with Devil Anse and the Second City lead by Princess MacGregor.

With the death of The Voice of Balor Aranta-Shadur lost all backing as a republic and chose Urchin, the Nosferatu pirate, as their Domain Lord. The council sees to the daily affairs he cannot. They as well lost the territory of Miami due to the portal there being taken back by Nul. Orlando of the former Unification Proclamation fell as a consequence. Aranta also lost all contact with their European territories as they were destroyed in the war. Dystopia, wrought with it’s own infection, failed the call of the oaths and was cast out by High King Balor as traitors. Any survivors who remained loyal moved to New Atlantis, the home of Joseph Mengsk, in Aranta-Shadur and Dystopia disappeared into the mists and darkness feeding upon itself as it sank.

Ordo Trismegistus took a great blow in the war. Al-Ashrad called upon their oaths for aid when Nul came to his doorstep. During the chaos of Constantinople Gabriel di Angelo and his Kindred Blade was defeated. Ordo’s portal to Constantinople was permanently severed and it is no longer a part of Dischordia. No one knows exactly what happened as Gabriel di Angelo and his heroes died defending Constantinople and none has returned from such a distance to tell their tale. Any refugees from there now reside in New Constantinople, the former Saint Louis. As Vryce’s power waned and his enemies destroyed his empire, the Amo A Deus left Ordo after the defeat of Onyx and his Gargoyles. Their true allegiance was shown to the Archive. All Amo A Deus members are now bunker at Summit in the Rocky Mountains. Odin also returned to lead the Wolves of the North out of the darkness. He cast Verkonis out by forcing his oath to Fafnir to be broken and joined with the ancient dragon himself. Now the Wolves are stronger than even and no longer united with Ordo Trismegistus. All slights Damien Vryce will not soon forget.


Court of Empires (Year 282, current)

Dischordia invites kingdoms from all over the world to combat the threat presented by the Kingdom of Aether.