Before the age of reason and science, magic ruled the world.

Now, it’s coming back and if most of humanity gets wiped out in the process...

...well, sometimes you have to break a few eggs.

Seventh Age: Dawn


The Seventh Age: Dawn is the first book in a series of urban fantasy. Set in the modern age, it follows a global conspiracy as heretics work in the shadows to tear down the barrier that keeps humanity ignorant of demons, forgotten myths, and magic. Will everything go according to plan?

Inspired by works such as Neverwhere and American Gods. This tale explores the ramifications of ancient creatures waging war in the shadows - and specifically, what happens as that war begins to spread into the public view.

Enter a world of moral grey areas, ancient myths, and Illuminati-style conspiracy. A world of diverse factions and powerful beings who blithely step into the most mundane circumstances of every day life. Where your favorite street-taco vendor could at any moment have his sales interrupted by a scuttling imp, and where being a multi-century-old warlock with a grand agenda doesn't help you file building permits.


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