Change is good: “The world is for ever changing, evolving, and growing. Everything we know, everything we love, everything we believe in will change, living is changing, in time everything will change”.


Only the worthy shall inherit the earth: “None of us seems to be anxious to develop meekness in ourselves. Why should we have any great desire to grow in meekness? Looking around at the competitive world we live in, how can we survive with meek attitudes”?


Honor is a lie, but etiquette is forever: “Live by the sword, do not die by it. People will tell tales about nobles they meet, see, talk to, and adore in court. They will forget the brave die on the field."


Passion before duty: “Always put passion before duty, and put the ones whose passion is duty in nobility, then watch your Kingdome thrive.”


Glamour is free: Do not hoard it. Muse, ravage, and spread it.


War may be declared on any domain at any time, so long as they are not hosting court. I t may be declared for any reason , but it must be declared at court in front of the Voice or the Whispers.


The Shards of Helios are not to be placed together under any circumstances. It is high treason to do so, or swear oaths to do so. Imperials must be informed of all shards found.


Treason is punishable by death and will be carried out swiftly by the Imperial Sanctum: Any party accused is guilty until proven innocent. Only the Imperials have the right to call for execution, a trial is not always necessary, but does usually entertain the court.


Dischordia is Bound by the Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke: All Dischordian domains, nobles, and citizens are required to abide by the terms of the Treaty, under threat of enforcement by the Imperial Sanctum