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Dominant Races: Mummies, unknown


Estimated Population: Unknown


Kingdom Location: South America


Kingdom Advantages: Unknown


Kingdom Disadvantage: Unknown


Kingdom Allies: Unknown


Kingdom Enemies: Unknown

In South America, along the Andes Mountains, the Fall of the Shroud was accompanied by a series of volcanic eruptions. It is believed that these eruptions are responsible for raising the Incan Empire to Earth. In this age, it is Supay, the Incan God of Death, who rules. The Volcano God, Viracocha, serves as his general. Supay brought the spirits of the dead with him, from his domain in the Underworld, to reinhabit their mummified remains awaiting their return.


The people of the Amazon offer sacrifices to Supay and Viracocha to keep the jungle lush and vibrant. The spirits of the forest, and the tribes who depend upon them, owe their lives to Supay and serve willingly. Though ruled over by a God of Death, little has changed in the lives of the people. Families live their lives much as they did before the fall, but having a supernatural family member is considered a blessing to host such a guardian within their household.


When Nul attacked the world, several of the larger coastal cities were lost to darkness. Velha, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro survived the Fall of the shroud, only to be consumed utterly by the Kingdom of Aether.