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Dominant Races: Shifters


Estimated Population: >3,000,000 


Kingdom Location: Congo, Africa


Kingdom Advantages: See Middle Kingdom


Kingdom DisadvantageSee Middle Kingdom


Kingdom AlliesSee Middle Kingdom


Kingdom EnemiesSee Middle Kingdom

The Kingdom of Diamond occupies the Congo basin in central Africa. Formerly ruled by Tore, the God of the Forest, the Congo jungle has adapted to thrive under the Black Sun and has overrun the region, growing thicker than ever. Tore, also the God of the Hunt and Death, has decreed the only law in the Kingdom of Diamond is survival of the fittest. His followers, tribal warlords, struggle for supremacy, to earn his blessing.

When Nul struck the world, the Abyss devoured the coasts of Africa. It blackened the trees at the edge of the jungle, but could not reach deep into the living, thriving jungle.