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Dominant Races: Mages, Vampires


Estimated Population: >5,000,000


Kingdom Location: Northern Africa (Egypt)


Kingdom Advantages: Unknown


Kingdom Disadvantage: Unknown


Kingdom Allies: Unknown


Kingdom Enemies: Unknown

After centuries spent concealed behind a swirling veil of sand, very little is known of the middle kingdom but rumor. Dischordians have heard Claims that the god Set walks the sands with other gods of the egyptian pantheon bowing to him as pharaoh. Reports from the Kingdom of Lazarus, if reliable, suggest that Nul struck against the middle kingdom and pierced the veil of sand. None know what happened beyond the veil, merely rumors of armies of the underworld with Anubis at the fore.


With the veil pierced and an enemy in common with the rest of the world, the middle kingdom has sent diplomats to other kingdoms for the first time since the fall. What will come of this is anyone’s guess.