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Dominant Races: Vampires, Wraiths, Mages


Estimated Population: >5,000,000


Kingdom Location: Europe, Russia


Kingdom Advantages: Unknown


Kingdom Disadvantage: Unknown


Kingdom Allies: Aztlan


Kingdom Enemies: Aether, Jade Empire, Sultanate of Glass

King Lazarus rules the remnants of the Unification proclamation, the last bastion of Abrahamic religion, from his seat in the Vatican, surrounded by his council of faith. With the destruction of the Contract of Unification at the end of the Surveyor’s court, Lazarus’ Kingdom fell into a period of chaos. Nul capitalized on this opportunity, striking against Europe as he had against Dischordia. Many of Lazarus’ wraiths fell before they were able to rally their hell-divers and castigators to bolster their forces against their own darker halves. Giovanni and Cappadocian necromancers stemmed the tide of Nul’s Spectres, Lasombra Abyss Mystics twisted the darkness to their own ends. Despite heavy losses, the Kingdom of Lazarus was able to fight to a stalemate.


During the War of Aether, Prince Mercer of the former Dischordian Unification sent diplomats to Lazarus’s court to negotiate a truce so each kingdom could fight against their common enemy. Though neither side fully trusts the other, an anonymous gift, the head of Gabriel Di’Angelo, was delivered to Queen Guil to ensure an agreement of neutrality. Not quite allies, but no longer actively hostile, the two kingdoms both work to rebuild after the war.