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Dominant Races: Nephandi, Abyssal Demons


Estimated Population: Unknown


Kingdom Location: Antarctica


Kingdom Advantages: Unknown


Kingdom Disadvantage: Unknown


Kingdom Allies: Unknown


Kingdom Enemies: Unknown

Humanity has a primordial fear of the darkness, and the seventh age is an age of fears made manifest. The world is full of terror and suffering, but there is little that inspires more dread across the world than the Kingdom of Aether. Everyone, from the lowest peasant to the loftiest noble, harbors some nightmare in their heart that the abyssal lord Nul will turn his gaze upon them.

Few escaped unscathed last time Nul attacked. Among all the empires of the world, none can claim to have defeated Nul’s armies, merely ... survived. Legions of spectres, nephandi, fallen vampires, and creatures of darkness that defy description swarmed from bloody tears in reality itself. They swarm with one mind, devouring or corrupting everything. At their head, always, is Nul’s general. A vaguely-humanoid creature of absolute darkness and skin through which starlight can be seen. It has no name that any can recall, and the dark armies move at his unspoken commands.

Twenty years ago, the tide of darkness rose suddenly. A matter of months ago, they receded just as fast. The world has been forever scarred by the darkness, with cities in every kingdom blackened by the touch of the Abyss. None really know why the War of Aether ended. Some say that it didn’t.