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Dominant Races: Mages, Kuei-Jin, Hsien, Hengeyokai


Estimated Population: > 5,000,000


Kingdom Location: Asia


Kingdom Advantages: Unknown


Kingdom Disadvantage: Unknown


Kingdom Allies: Dischordia, Sultanate of Glass


Kingdom Enemies: Kingdom of Aether, Kingdom of Lazarus, Kingdom of the Iron Lotus

When Nul struck the East, he made an attempt on the life of the Emperor. a loyal daimyo named Hsien Nayan Tao No-Shie sacrificed himself to save the Emperor’s life. Though the intended target yet lived, Nul was pleased at the result he had achieved: the link between the Jade Courts and Dischordia had been severed: Tao no-Shie was known in Dischordia as the Voice of Balor. With the loss of the Voice, the Jade Empire and Dischordia drifted apart. The Kuei-Jin in Hawaii began eyeing Dischordia as a potential conquest. Only through the continued diplomatic efforts of Dischordian nobles, most notably Count Khaalid Geedi of Aranta-Shadur, was war averted.

Though no longer as close as they once were, Dischordia and the Jade Courts are still on friendly terms.