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Dominant Races: Fae, Mages, very few Vampires


Estimated Population: 2.5 Million


Kingdom LocationArctic, Greenland, Scandanavia, Siberia, Northmost Canada, Saguenai


Kingdom Advantages

Court of Nightmares: Living in the Nightmare Lands means coming face-to-face with terrors most can't imagine, even in the Seventh Age. To rise to a position of power in this kingdom requires an iron resolve and a certain level of fearlessness. Those who choose this advantage gain a 5-point Immunity merit that resists any supernatural attempts that induce fear. 

Deep Dreaming: Many denizens of the Nightmare Lands reside deeper in the Dreaming than even the Fae of Dischordia. This connection to the maddening influence of the collective unconscious allows them limited access to the memories and skills of that realm, manifesting as the background Dream x 5.

Vagabonds of the Silver Road: While there are some settlements in the Nightmare Lands, some of which rival the great cities of other kingdoms, a majority of the kingdom is scattered and lacking in organized infrastructure. as a result, many of the Nightmare's citizens are comprised of homeless vagrants or roaming gangs of ruffians who survive off what they can take from those weaker than themselves. Eventually, many of these find their way into the service of the more powerful among the nightmare lands. Such nobles gain Street influence x 5 to reflect their collection of such wayward individuals.   


Kingdom Disadvantage: Bedlam (5-trait flaw): Being connected to the Dreaming more deeply than the rest of the world has altered the Nightmares' nobles perception of reality. Nightmare Lands nobles begin in the second stage of Bedlam. At this point chimerical reality seems to become mundane reality. Though their descent into Bedlam may fluctuate, it can never be cured completely until they leave the Nightmare Lands for good.

Some examples of second-threshold Bedlam are presented below, but each player should discuss it with the storytellers to work something out that fits their character concept.

  • Don Quixote Syndrome: The character believes everything to be from an ancient time or fantasy realm.
  • Delusions of Grandeur: The character sees everyone as an underling, fit only to serve him. No matter what utter nonsense he spouts, he expects others to laud his ideas and cater to his insane visions.
  • Social Darwinism: The character sees everyone as either predator or prey — and herself as a predator of great strength and skill. This is an insidious form of madness, as it can remain undetected for some time. Soon, however, the character will strike — and death will follow in her wake.
  • The Walls Have Ears: The character believes that everything has a personality and is alive. Manifestations of this madness range from a changeling holding quiet conversations with fence posts to uttering apologies every time he takes a step on the street.


Kingdom Allies: The Nightmares seem to have a rapport with the Djinn of the Sultanate of Glass, if not the leadership of that domain. Likewise, they view Aranta-Shadur as allies due to their magnetism to Chimerical beasts.


Kingdom Enemies: The Wolves of the North have been hostile with the Nightmare Lands for centuries, and the Nightmare Lands look upon the Empyrean Dysambigua with disdain for their part in creating the loathsome dreamcatchers that stopped the nightmare's from spreading in the first era.

With the return of dreams has come darker things as well. Things that defy description and explanation. Things that defy logic and reason. Lands that have no ruler but chaos, and creatures that have no border for they exist within the tormented and fractured minds of those who survive within the 7th age.


Dischordia once caught a glimpse of the chthonic, primordial horror. The Crimson Weaver and its plague of nightmares that swept through Dischordia during the Founder’s era turned the infected into tentacled monstrosities. Dischordia fought back, mounting a full-scale war against Greenland to destroy Aitu and his generals. Though victorious in that war, nightmares can never truly be defeated. especially not in a world that inspires such terror, ruled by monsters and death.


Little is known about the current state of the so-called Kingdom of Nightmares. The realm touches the northern border of Dischordia, the Kingdom of Lazarus, and the Jade Empire, corrupting those foolish enough to enter this twisted reality. It is uncertain whether Aitu, the Crimson Weaver, is the ruler of nightmares, or a far more sinister force is at work. One thing is certain, the nightmare Lands remain a place of terror to any who enter and none are shown quarter save for the nothingness of the Kingdom of Aether that can destroy even the denizens of fear itself.