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Dominant Races: Vampires, Mummies


Estimated Population: > 2,500,000


Kingdom Location: Mexico to Central America


Kingdom Advantages: Unknown


Kingdom Disadvantage: Unknown


Kingdom Allies: Kingdom of Lazarus


Kingdom Enemies: Dischordia


The Fall of the Shroud brought about the rise of Xibalba and the Mayan death gods, turning portions of Mexico and Central America into places of fear and torment. Here, Aztlan citizens are sacrificed to their God of Death, only to rise again with no escape from eternal service.

Nobles of Dischordia, particularly Empyrean Dysambigua or Appalachia, are familiar with the threat Aztlan represents. At the end of the Founder’s era, Lazarus allied himself with the Aztlan lords. His support enabled Xibalba to mount a military campaign against King Pascal. Their armies of the dead marched through the New Faith to reach Valley of the King. Though their armies were routed, Sir James Einsbrook, knight of New Faith, fell in battle. During the Surveyor’s era, the Appalachian Alliance seized a city across the border into Mexico, capturing a powerful Node and severing the flow of sacrificial power to one of their Death Gods.

Though weakened by these defeats, Aztlan is still quite dangerous. They are more certain than ever that Dischordia is their enemy. Still, it recognizes that the Kingdom of Aether poses a great threat, and has sent emissaries to the Court of Empires to garner Dischordia’s aid against them.