1. We do not use Dark Epics. As such, there is no Attack, Watch, Stealth, Growth, Block Manuevers. These actions do not exist. 
  2. Influence affects YOUR domain. Not other peoples. The occult world in the Unification Proclamation is not the same as the Occult world in Vancouver. Yes this means that with Court influence, you can effectively strip other nobles or pc's in your domain of their title. 
  3. You CAN use your influence in another domain, however it comes and originates from YOUR domain. "Use Occult to gain access to magical item" for example, might be translated by us as "Scholars from Aranta-Shadur showed up in Samhain looking to arrange a meeting to discuss those scrolls" or "Use Street influence to start a riot". It will originate from your home domain. Meaning....
  4. We pretty much won't tell anyone what you are doing unless someone uses the Contacts background to watch that particular influence that month. 
  5. When sending in downtime actions relating to influence. Please consult the chart in the book or on the website. We actually want to see: Occult 5: Gain Access to Minor Magical Item. or Spies 3: Gain copies of an investigation report. Not Spies x 8 give me random information about a topic. 
  6. Spies influence is not Information Network. They are separate things. Every domain has an Intelligence community within it. Spies influence, is well, Influence over that Intelligence Community. Information Network is actually the background for having physical people follow a character for a month and try and learn what they do. 

For quick reference:

  • Contacts: Watches Influence
  • Alternate Identity: Hides Influence
  • Information Network: Spies on a Person.
  • Influence: Does Stuff.
  • Political Connections: Allows you to take any Influence action, up to the level of Political Connections, in any other Domain
  • Patron: Means a noble favors you.
  • Allies: Gains you access to an Ability or Influence, at one-for-one, up to a maximum of 5.
  • Mentor: Has the Instruction Ability = to his Rating



Please note that some backgrounds (like Information Network or Political Connections) are rare and restricted backgrounds that only certain players or creature types have access to.