I present to you, the first of the four Generals working for Aitu, and the Crimson Weavers. Meet Mangora, the Drowned Mage of Mu. The lost continent in the Pacific Ocean, Mu thrived in the time of the Exalted or for others, within the land of Nod before it was explored. The envy of other kingdoms, Mu's greatness in magical power and wonder during the time of Djinn was legendary. Mangora, the Vizier for the king, was the first to realize that other kingdoms were nearing war against the Djinn following Soloman. Fearing the persecution and the armies, Mangora made the pact of flame with Aitu and sided with the Djinn. Ultimately, Mangora sank the entire continent in a great ritual at the start of the war due to the persecution of other kingdoms for their attempt at siding with the spirit realms. Mu would not be defeated by outside forces, nor stand to be judged by the unenlightened fools who stood against the spirits. So Mangora did what needed to be done. He drowned everyone.



Shokar, Immolator of Pompeii, was once a benevolent ruler of Pompeii, although known for his legendary anger. He had a wife and four children, the humans offered sacrifice to the gods, which kept Shokar and his family well fed and happy. This all changed the day the offerings stopped. The high priest of the city no longer believed shokar to be a god, for Mount Vesuvius had been churning out smoke for the first time in centuries. Shokar was angry, yet he tempered his anger with the love he felt for the city and his family. 

Shokar left to go to a meeting with Aitu, the Ruined Prince to discuss the future.

Upon his return he discovered an act most heinous. The High Priest had had his children flayed to prove Shokar was not a god, for a god would be able to stop such an act from happening. The people of Pompeii were appalled and many sought to give solace to Shokar, but his rage took him.

His eyes became pools of molten gold, the ground cracked from the heat of his rage. Vesuvius itself joined in his rage. In a flash Pompeii was gone.

When Shokar regained his senses he realized what he had done and collapsed in grief. He had killed those who had been his friends, He had killed his wife. Something inside him broke that day. Only then did he notice he was burning, burning without end. He had called upon the eternal fire and in his rage he had let it consume him. But his power was so great he could not die, but be forever burning.

Today he is a broken being. A Satyr who seeks not just death, for these flames will follow him into any life he is reborn into, he seeks to cold of the true endless winter to quench the fires of guilt and the fires within.




The Third General for Aitu, is Sargon of the Akkadian Empire, born of a changeling mother, and embraced by Ishtar, Sargon was one of the first Philosopher Kings ever. He was notorious for his ability to conquer and maintaining a paid and well kept army. Through his mother, he met Aitu and the two became good friends, and with Aitu and the pact of Crimson Flame, the City of Akkad and his Empire grew, so did the envious of him. To which the only method of defeat which could be conceived, was that of poisoning his herd placing him into torpor. Here, in this dreamlike state, is where Aitu had his way. Showing him how his son and heirs quartered his empire, and cast his legacy to the four winds. 

Promising vengeance, new conquest, and a new world, Sargon, was the first of the four generals to awaken after the fall, and is believed to be the anchor to the world that allowed Aitu to march his armies back from the Deep Dreaming. This Methusulah, promises to usher in an age of Nightmare and Vengeance and reclaim that which was his, even though deep down he knows, everything he had, once was, and will ever be.... is ash in the wind. Which makes him, the most terrible of the four.




The final general of Aitu, and the most vicious. Queen Amytis, Spectre of Despair. Ruler of the Median Empire, Controller of Nebuchadnezzar, Caretaker of the Hanging Guardians of Babylon. Ripped from her Median homeland and ultimately missing the green hills and valleys, and having utter hatred for all of humankind. She choose to show them true dispair and in order to do this, she worked with Aitu to manipulate the rulers of the Babylon and gave them the greatest city and one of the 7 wonders of the world. 

Only to feed off the passion of despair as it was ripped away from their very eyes as nightmare and fear consumed the citizens like a plague. Free from fetter, this Spectre has roamed Malestroms with her legions of Nephwracks and Wights ensuring any lost in the Mediterranean seas would never find their way ashore again. When the chance to bring true nightmares to the world became possible with the fall of Helios, Queen Amytis and her forces gladly took care of blinding the eyes of Lazarus and his Empire to their long term plans.




The first of Balor's Generals leading the Charge in the Weaver War. Devil Anse Hatfield, King of the Mountain, ruler of Applachia, Archive, and the Second City. Harbringer of Winter. 

Devil Anse was once the Squire of Knight Balor long ago, and rumored to be responsible in the Night of Iron Knives. Many have seen him in his casual clothes and courtly attire, few have seen him in his Armor from King Balor, with his bloody guantlets and Hack; his trusty axe. Devil Anse Hatfields famous battles for King Balor include capturing the Applachian Mountains during the 6th year of the war of the dead. The Slaughter of Arcadia where he personally killed and led the assassination squads against the Guardians of the Gate and held open the doors for the Fomorian allies of Knight Balor to storm Arcadia in the 2nd year of the war of the dead. In the 5th year of the War of the Dead, The Harbringer of Winter froze entire kingdoms of horizon that stood in the way of Balor's return. To this day, those who wander off the silver road on the path of Arcadia, can see frozen, barren wastelands preserved in time, faces twisted in shock and dragons frozen in ice.

Perhaps most terrifying, is every foe who has ever faced him who Devil Anse let live, says that he will come for you. There is no running, there is no escape, and there is no place to hide. No matter what realm you are in, no matter how far you sink into the labyrinth. Devil Anse Hatfield will find you. And he will bring you the sweet gift of frozen oblivion.




The General that needs no introduction for Balor, but will tell you anyway, is Bartholomew Roberts, Warlord of Aranta-Shadur, Herald of Poseidon, and the oldest walking creature on this plane at Two Hundred Sixty Thousand and One years old.

Roberts legend only precedes him, for the actual Vampire, with the myth stripped away, is still just as awe inspiring with his conquests. Countless Spectres and Hierarchy generals that serve under Lazarus still to this day instantly turn ship around once his flag is raised. Roberts is well known to be the physically strongest of Balor's generals, but his magic, both control of the seas and his own special blend of sorcery he uses tactical strikes appearing multiple places at the same time with entire crews and full blown legions coming from the very shadows themselves.

Inspiring to a core, his crew and those lucky enough to be underneath him never falter, waver, or even know fears touch or crippling hold. For centuries, Roberts has marched to his own banner, refusing to serve the Lasombra, the Camarilla, the Sabbat, or any other organization other than his own. That he has taken a knee to King Balor, means he truly sees someone worth following, and will lead his men into battle from the front and ensure he is the last one out. Do not mistake this sense of honor to mean he is a kind man. There are many rumors surrounding Roberts in regards to Lillith and the Ocean, particularly about the death of Luna. How many vampires in this world can say they stabbed a God through the heart after all? Then lived to tell the tale.



This individual does need an introduction. Odin, the All Father. The Psychopomp, guide of souls, and the Bringer of Victory.

However, this is all a lie.

The Wolves of the North Odin, formerly the Gangrel Methuselah who broke from the Antediluvian in the Wolves of the Sea, lost his territory to Lazarus and the Grim Legion. He was further forced back into torpor through battles with wild creatures in the Wolves of the North. Weak and Feeble. Many question the wisdom of Balor allowing a Domain Lord, who is rapidly falling in title, to lead armies. A mere Gangrel, this entity who dares call himself Odin, has led his armies to constant defeat and allowed his domain to falter and fall into the descent of madness.

Or, perhaps, the All Father, chose his undead champion wisely. the Undead avatar of the God of Death. One who was patient when his children cried for action. One who waited, when defeat marched on his homeland. He waited and took no action. While the citizens fell to madness. He watched, with his one eye seemingly focused on Greenland and what lies beyond.

A week before the battle forces march to Greenland, Odin woke from his slumber, and donned his robe and nothing else. The forces fell in line, and the wolves marched without a word being spoken. In unison. With crows devouring all in the wake. The ruler of the Wolves sees what we do not see.



Last of Balors Generals, the mysterious individual who goes by the name "The Praenomen".

No recorded history. No record of it before the fall. No occult circles have rumor of this shadow. Only insight into the name of what The Praenomen could mean. The Archive completely avoided the war of the dead, so no major battles are listed for this entity. Further speculated by the many rumors about what it is.

What is known however, is the level of which the Praenomens resonance spreads throughout the Mountains of the Archive, the creatures very presence magically alters the landscape. It is known the Praenomen is the most magically adept of Balor's generals, with none having a deeper understanding of the Occult and Horizon Realms than this entity. Many have seen it's umbral telescopes and it's arcane power brought to bear during the destruction of Samhain and the Hunt for Lucian Montigue.

Extremely practical and ruthless to a core however the Praenomen is not an inspiring figure. Those who follow it or are in it's presence long enough correctly feels a very vile entity, something that could only rule and be accepted by Balor and his court. No doubt, it has been tapped by the King to engage in this war because Balor requires the expertise, for the Praenomen is a weapon that King Balor has yet to directly deploy.

Until now.