Character Submission: New characters MUST be submitted within the first two weeks after a session. Submitted characters will not be approved after those first two weeks. However, we will speak with you about your concept and place you in the appropriate Kingdom according to that. If submitted after the first 2 weeks of the month, you will be allowed to play your concept at the next game, however you will not be allowed to enter into ANY challenges. Send characters to:

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The character you create will be some sort of fancy nobility.  The titles are: 

Squire / Ridari: You oversee or have holdings over 10,000 "souls"

Knight / Cavalrie: You have acquired holdings over 50,000 "souls"

Baron / Visconte: You have conned enough to get roughly 150,000 "souls"

Earl / Count: My, my, you sly dog. 300,000 jackasses follow you

Marquis / Duke: You have really slept with your bosses to get here. 600,000

Prince / Lord: Yeah, a lot of people "roughly" 1,250,000

King: That one guy everyone talks about = 2,500,000

High King / Emperor: This, my friends, is Balor. 5,000,000+


Now, about you

First, know who you are in your imagination. Shouldn't be too hard, you're already reading this.

Then, pick a domain! (You might want to consult the storytellers for advice). Where you are from determines what advantage and disadvantage you have. Whether you're a bloodsucking vampire, an awesome returned fae, a shifter who has failed at his job and has fleas (Noble fleas, though), an enlightened wizard, or a resurrected mummy, you must play a noble from one of the Dischordian Domains and you must be one of the above 5 approved supernatural types.


The most important aspect of the Seventh Age is where you are from. Set in North America, due to the Black Sun, the Dark Ages have returned and the Thousand Years of Darkness have begun. Various domains exist ruled by terrifying monsters. For humans, it's absolutely terrible. For everything else, it's the Dark Ages... AKA: Awesome (with nightmare plagues) 


You must choose a domain to call home. The domains are: 

Appalachian Alliance
Advantage - Hoard x5 or Resources x5 backgrounds, or Larcenous x5 influence
Disadvantage - Light Sensitive flaw
Allies - Ordo Trismegistus, Wolves of the North
Enemies - Aranta-Shadur, Empyrean Dysambigua

Advantage - Information Network x5, Domain Security x5, or Trods x5 backgrounds
Disadvantage - Chimerical Magnet flaw
Allies - Empyrean Dysambigua, Wolves of the North
Enemies - Appalachian Alliance, Ordo Trismegistus

Empyrean Dysambigua
Advantage - Court x5 or Political x5 influence, or Rituals x5 ability used boost the mystical powers of others by 5 traits (Blood Magic, Hedge Magic, True Magic, Gifts, and Cantrips)* 
Disadvantage - Echoes flaw (5 points)
Allies - Aranta-Shadur, Ordo Trismegistus
Enemies - Appalachian Alliance, Wolves of the North

Ordo Trismegistus
Advantage - Occult x5 influence, or Arcane x5 or Library x5 backgrounds
Disadvantage - Geasa flaw (5 points)
Allies - Appalachian Alliance, Empyrean Dysambigua
Enemies - Aranta-Shadur, Wolves of the North

Wolves of the North
Advantage - Totem x5, Domain Security x5, or Treasure x5 backgrounds
Disadvantage - Enemy flaw (5 points)
Allies - Appalachian Alliance, Aranta-Shadur
Enemies - Empyrean Dysambigua, Ordo Trismegistus

Advantage - Imperials add their rank in title to all challenges, or gain Spies x5 or Magistrates x5 influence either useable in any domain once/month
Disadvantage - Obligation flaw (5 points)
Allies - None
Enemies - None

* ED Rituals x 5 Advantage is an action taken and is the ONLY action you can take during the use of it. Once you do anything else, such as defend or cast yourself, your intended target loses the boost. If you are an ED member with this advantage, you cannot use it on yourself and, once used, each level used is expended for the month.


Once you have selected your kingdom, character creation is done out of Faith and Fire and the appropriate creature book. Create a basic character per Faith and Fire rules (or the appropriate creature book according to the House Rules): 7/5/3 attributes, 5 abilities, 4 basic powers, 5 backgrounds, regardless of creature type. Fill in the appropriate special sauce where needed (Blood, Willpower, Gnosis, Pathos, Arete, Glamour/Banality, and any other specialties for your snowflake). Vampires cannot be lower than 6th generation, Shifters cannot start higher than Rank 5 (Elder), Mages cannot start with more than 5 Arete, Mummies cannot start with more than 5 Balance, and Fae cannot have more than a 5-point difference between their Glamour and Banality. Once you have created your basic character, add 200 experience to it. Purchase anything viable and always create a character with a storyteller on hand.


The maximum trait cap is determined according to the chart created for your creature type. But be careful! King Balor doesn't like people better than him. He's selfish and a jerk. So he makes the Princes and Marquis send him Barons and little people. So he can make them play mini-golf.


For preexisting characters returning from previous eras, add 20 xp to your character. Only do so with a storyteller present to go over what has happened over any time jumps with your character and to make certain what you wish to purchase is available.


Title is determined by the amount of people underneath you. This is determined by your Backgrounds and Influences and those of the people who swear fealty to you. Each of these chosen backgrounds and influences is also used to determine your Title.  Each one is worth 1,000 people. You have families to feed. Way more than 5 kids! You must spend at least 10 (Squire), but no more than 150 (Baron) of your 200 experience on population producing backgrounds. Title is the crux of the game. You MUST create a noble and you MUST be from one of the available domains. No exceptions.  


Abilities: Each character chooses what Abilities describes the things their character can do or knows. We have broken down the available list of abilities in the 7th Age setting. Some Abilities are available to all races and others are race specific. Ultimately, if it isn’t on this list, it isn’t in the game. Abilities can also have specializations. For every 3 traits in an Ability you can choose a specialization. Some are specific and already listed. Others are more free form and interpretive. Specializations count as an extra trait in challenge resolution so long as your specialization applies to the scenario. And no matter what only one specialization can be utilized for a challenge.


Merits: The list of that characters can choose from it vast and comes with the point value and the book it can be found in. Some Merits are for all races, others are only available to certain creature types. Check out the list to see what is available for you.


Flaws: Flaws can make a character special and challenging to play. The list of flaws is broken down like the rest of the list. Certain flaws are open to anyone and some are race specific. Check out the list to see what character defects you’d like to give your character.


BackgroundsThese are the available backgrounds in the game. That means some people gain a crap ton of stuff and some people get 1 background called generation.

Population Producing Backgrounds: *race specific
Allies, Contacts, Domain, Domain Security, Information Network, Herd*, Kinfolk*, Colony*, Cult, Dreamers*, Holdings*, Political Connections*, Ayllu*


Influences: all influences add to your population totals
Church, Court, Health, Industry, Larceny, Learning, Magistrates, Occult, Political, Spies, Street, Transportation 



Each of these chosen backgrounds is also used to determine your Title. Each one is worth 1,000 people. You have families to feed. Way more than 5 kids! You must spend at least 10 (Squire), but no more than 150 (Baron) of your 200 experience on population producing backgrounds. Title is the crux of the game. You MUST create a noble and you MUST be from one of the available domains. No exceptions.



How to gain title in 1 easy step: Get someone else to kneel and swear fealty to you.

If you have two friends who are your Knights, each with small armies of 50,000 people in a domain, and you have the same amount yourself, you can become a Baron. Thus, if you want to grow in title, you can do it through recruitment and acquisition, or hostile takeover, or trade, or treaties. Careful, though, as you grow in title you gain more responsibility... and if the families that swear to you abandon you... yikes.


You now have a character. A Domain. Some friends to work with.

Now get out there, you little champ, and show those people at court what you are really worth!

Just don't lose your lands and holdings and title.... I will gladly take it.


You might want to familiarize yourself with Dischordia's Laws and Etiquette before you attend court.